The ghosts and goblins are about to come out and play! Halloween one of my favorite holidays because of the crisp fall air and the anticipation of the holidays. Sometimes, Halloween brings out our inner child and with that, our desire to cause a bit of harmless fun, such as doorbell ditching! This year, be warned. You will have a tougher time NOT getting caught that in years past because of the IQ Doorbell!

The IQ Doorbell wires directly into your home’s doorbell chime, converting it into a “smart” doorbell. With the right devices, you can program your IQ Doorbell to turn on the porch light, or tell your exterior cameras to start recording or both.

The IQ Doorbell offers innovative design that can trigger your porch light to turn on or your cameras to record who rang the doorbell or both.

The IQ Lightbulb is one of several perfect companions to the IQ doorbell. When the doorbell rings, this is lightbulb you need that will respond to the IQ Panels rules to turn on, giving more visibility to what is going on. If you have exterior cameras, you can also program the camera to start recording as well. That recording can then be sent to your mobile devices via text or email, allowing you to have a sneak peek at who is trying to pull tricks on you. And, more importantly, showing you who you need to trick back.

These devices, and many others can be paired with the IQ Panel to respond to different rules you need for your lifestyle. When you open the front door, the IQ Mini Door Sensor can alert the IQ Panel, which will then turn your IQ Thermostat up, to account for the cold air seeping into your home. The possibilities are endless for having smarter solutions in your home and making your day to day life easier and your Halloween less trickier.

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