It’s officially the beginning of the holiday season. It gets easy to be consumed by the hustle and bustle of gift buying and travel plans. Or sometimes, it’s even easier to focus on everything you don’t have or things you would rather have instead of looking around you and recognizing what you ALREADY have.

An easy reminder of what to be thankful for is through photos. The IQ Panel is “one-of-a-kind” because it offers a built -in Photo Frame App that allows you to customize the photos you view when the touch-screen is not being used. My IQ Panel sits on my counter in my kitchen so it is the perfect place to see memories of family and friends in the place I’m in the most during the holidays.

Using the IQ Panel Photo Frame, you can see photos of who you love.

Adding these photos is simple. Load the photos you would like on an SD Card, be sure that they are under 1GB large, and the resolution is under 800 x 460. The IQ Panel has the capacity to fit up to 20 photos in its memory. Have your photos stored on the SD card in a subfolder called “Photos”, so the IQ Panel can easily find the photos to load. Once you have your SD Card ready, insert it into the left side of your panel in the SD Card slot. On your IQ Panel touch Apps, then Photo Frame, and finally, Add Photos or Replace All Photos. Make sure that you have space in your photos to add up to 20 on your IQ Panel.

This time of year for me tends to get fast paced and exhausting. Any chance I have to catch a glimpse of my family who lives out of state is an opportunity to remember the reason of the season and to count my blessings. I’m thankful that the IQ Panel offers technology to provide another opportunity for me to see that this year.

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