Meet the IQ Hub

Answer your door… safely

Bluetooth Touchless Disarming

All In One

See how easy security and smart home control can be with a 7” screen

View your video doorbell on the 7” screen with Live Answer

The best coming home experience ever

The IQ Hub has more than just a single radio, it has FIVE



PowerG ONLY: QS9301-0208-840 (Verizon)
PowerG ONLY: QS9302-0208-840 (AT&T)
319 ONLY: QS9301-1200-840 (Verizon)
319 ONLY: QS9302-1200-840 (AT&T)
345 ONLY: QS9301-5200-840 (Verizon)
345 ONLY: QS9302-5200-840 (AT&T)