The IQ Micro is an ultra compact encrypted sensor that securely connects to the IQ Panel. Easy to install on anything that opens or closes, the IQ Micro has an ultra strong full length rare earth magnet in a compact, thin form factor that makes almost any installation easy. Pre-applied adhesive tape on the back speeds up install time and makes this sensor perfect for DIY installs. When connected to the IQ Panel it can provide intelligent notifications like "door left open" can be custom named, and can even support Smart home rules like "when door opens, turn on light" or "when door left open adjust thermostat to save energy." Using our proprietary S-Line encryption technology, wireless signals sent to the IQ Panel are protected against cyber threats while still providing backwards compatibility for legacy 319.5 systems.    Up to five years of battery life.

QS1132-840 (white)
QS1130-840 (brown)


- Encrypted S-Line sensor technology protects signals sent to the IQ Panel while still providing support for legacy 319.5 systems
- Our smallest door window sensor ever
- Full length magnet looks clean and avoids installation mistakes
- Stronger magnet for wider gap forgiveness
- Improved reed switch sensitivity for more accurate reporting
- Perfect for professional or DIY installs
- The built-in tamper switch triggers an alert if the cover is removed
- Pre-applied adhesive
- Up to 5 year battery live (CR1632 x1)



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