The IQ Motion detects infrared body heat useful for both security and home automation. Create rules like “when someone enters the room, turn on light” or “Trigger siren when body detected”. Multiple installation options include walls, corners and even shelfs or flat surfaces. When installed properly, the device can also be “pet immune” preventing false alarms in homes with animals under 40 lbs. Typically installed pointing AWAY from windows (to reduce false alarms) the IQ Motion has a range up to 35 feet.



- Provides security coverage up to 35’ in a large. open area
- Use to create rules such as “When someone enters the room, turn on light” or “Trigger siren when intruder detected”
- Pet immune up to 40 lbs


- Wireless signal range: 600 ft (200 m), open air
- Code outputs: paring, tamper, tamper restore, alarm detect motion, alarm restore, supervisory, low battery
- Transmitter frequency: 319.5MHZ +-15KHz
- Transmitter bandwidth: 24KHZ
- Modulation type: ASK-OOK
- RF output power 91.1dBuV +/- 5% at 3m
- Sensor Range 30 ft (9.1 m) x 50 ft (15.2 m)
- Maximum Horizontal Sensing Angle 80°
- Operating Temperature: -10˚C~50˚C
- Relative Humidity: 5-95%
- Non-Condensing Storage Temperature: -40˚C to 80˚C