The IQ Shock Mini-S is an encrypted sensor with superior range specifically designed with multi-level vibration detection. It can alert you if a door is left open, automatically adjust your smart thermostat to save you energy, and provide security for anything that opens or closes. Know when these doors and windows are opened with customizable chimes and unique names spoken by the panels text-to-speech. Create personalized notifications and rules with the interactive app.



- Sensor: 2.5”H x 1”W x .5”D
- Code outputs: tamper, tamper restore, alarm, alarm restore, low battery.
- Transmitter frequency: 319.5 MHz
- Supervisory keep-alive interval: 70 minutes.
- RF Peak field strength: typical 36000 uV/m at 3m
- UL/ULC listed for residential use only

- Operating Temperature: 0C~49C
- Relative Humidity: 5-93% Non-Condensing
- Storage Temperature: -25-70C
- For use indoor, in dry, ordinary locations only.

- Door frame height: typical 7ft to 8ft (213 to 244 cm)
- Door frame width: typical 1ft to 4ft (30.5 to 122 cm)
- Door frame thickness: 1 1/2" to 1 3/4" (3.8 to 4.4 cm)