IQ Pro DSC Powerseries Neo Qolsys IQ Panel 4

IQ Pro: Commercial hybrid intrusion just got upgraded.

Put the Rivalry to Rest

Rivalries are important to competition. Through fierce competition, two challengers push the boundaries of what is possible so they can come out on top. To win, they must innovate.

If you’ve been in this business for a while, you will know there has been a long-standing rivalry between hardwired and wireless systems. Like any good rivalry, each system has their pros and cons.

Hardwire systems (such as the DSC Neo) are time-tested and allow for zone expansions, more users, hardwire keypads, and everything else that makes up a reliable system. However, hardwired systems were designed more than 30 years ago and tend to show their age in such a rapidly growing industry.

Wireless systems like the IQ Panel 4, on the other hand, provide users with many more features at lower costs with easier programming and installation processes. But wireless systems are generally only used in residential installs and lack advanced features to work in more complex installations.

With IQ Pro, we’re putting an end to this rivalry.

DSC PowerSeries NEO & Qolsys IQ Panel 4 Combined

The IQ Pro is the first truly modern hybrid panel built for today’s consumer and dealer expectations. IQ Pro is built on the groundwork laid by hardwire favorite DSC NEO and our award-winning IQ Panels to give you the best of hardwired and wireless systems.

Merging IQ Panel with DSC Neo means you can take full advantage of the benefits of hardwire and wireless systems together in one package. The DSC Neo integration allows for residential hardwire and large commercial jobs, zone expansion, additional power supplies, PGMs, partitions, and more with the 21st-century IQ Platform.

IQ Pro is the only place where you can enjoy best-in-class encrypted wireless via PowerG technology, built-in Z-Wave 700, simultaneous dual-path, legacy support for wireless sensors, and so much more, no matter if you’re setting up for wireless and hardwired installs.

Of course, IQ Pro brings the same deep integration with from IQ Panel 4, Qolsys cloud software updates, third-party integrations, and most importantly, the easiest programming UI you have ever seen. If you can program an IQ Panel 4, you can program the IQ Pro, no installation manual needed.

This is only the beginning for IQ Pro. With a long roadmap of software updates and features in the pipeline, IQ Pro is ready to set the hardwire/wireless rivalry aside and revolutionize the industry again.

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