Introducing the PowerG Wireless Heat Detector: Your Ultimate Heat Solution!

New wireless detector sets a new standard for fire prevention 

Fires can be devastating to property and endanger lives. In 2019, according to, structural fires in the United States alone caused $12.29 billion worth of damage. Importantly, that statistic is related only to direct fire damage and does not account for things like business interruption or other indirect losses.

Preventing a fire is less costly than putting one out. For any building’s fire prevention system, early detection is a critical first line of defense against a fire disaster. That’s why we are thrilled to announce our latest release: the PowerG Wireless Heat Detector (Part Number: PG9936H). This state-of-the-art device provides you with accurate and reliable early fire warning to ensuring the safety of your home or business.

The PowerG Wireless Heat Detector comes with several advanced features to deliver peace of mind to your home or business:

  1. Accurate Early Fire Warning: The PowerG Wireless Heat Detector is equipped with advanced temperature-sensing technology which enables it to detect high temperatures indicative of fire. When a significant rise in temperature is detected, audio and visual alerts immediately notify you of potential fire hazards.
  2. Enhanced Safety and Maintenance Facilitation: Your safety is our top priority, which is why the PowerG Wireless Heat Detector goes beyond fire detection. Features like alerts for device tampering and low battery ensure that remains in optimal working condition at all times.
  3. Long-Lasting Value: The PowerG Wireless Heat Detector provides long-term fire protection thanks to its energy-efficient design. This detector boasts an impressive 3-year battery life under typical use, reducing the hassle and cost of frequent battery replacements.
  4. Large Transmission Range: PowerG technology unlocks an extended transmission range for repeater-free installations. This means you can easily set up the PowerG Wireless Heat Detector in the most challenging environments without worrying about signal issues.
  5. Streamlined Installations: Installing the PowerG Wireless Heat Detector is smooth and efficient. The device comes with a visible link quality indicator so you can easily verify the signal strength during setup for optimal detector placement.
  6. Simple Mounts: Installing the PowerG Wireless Heat Detector is a breeze with its easy-to-use bracket for wall or ceiling mounting. Whether you’re a professional installer or a DIY enthusiast, you’ll find the setup process to be straightforward and intuitive.
  7. Back Tamper Protection: The PowerG Wireless Heat detector is safeguarded against tampering with its back tamper protection mechanism, and any unauthorized attempts to interfere with the detector will be detected and reported.
  8. Wide Compatibility: The PowerG Wireless Heat Detector is designed to integrate seamlessly with various systems. Compatible with IQ Panel 2+, IQ Panel 4, IQ4 Hub, IQ4 NS, IQ Pro and our PowerSeries panels, this detector can be easily added to your existing setup without any hassle.

With its early fire warning capabilities, tamper alerts, and long battery life, the PowerG Wireless Heat Detector ensures that you and your loved ones are always protected. Don’t wait for a fire disaster to strike – take proactive measures to ensure the safety of what matters most with the PowerG Wireless Heat Detector.

What is Wi-Fi 6?

The newest generation of Wi-Fi technology is more than a catchy name.

When connecting to new Wi-Fi networks on your smartphone, you may have noticed a small “6” next to your Wi-Fi signal strength and thought to yourself, “What does that even mean?” Maybe you didn’t even notice it because of how tiny it is.

Even though the symbol is small, that little number is a big deal. When it appears, congratulations! You are now connected to a Wi-Fi 6 network.

What is Wi-Fi 6?

Wi-Fi 6 is the latest generation of Wi-Fi technology, following a change in Wi-Fi Alliance’s naming conventions. Wi-Fi 6 is faster and more secure than Wi-Fi 5, with support for new WPA3 encryption and a theoretical maximum transmission of 9.6Gbps – nearly triple Wi-Fi 5’s 3.5Gbps max.

While it’s true that Wi-Fi 6 is faster than previous iterations of Wi-Fi, you’re unlikely to notice a significant change in speeds on your wireless devices. According to Ookla’s, the average download speed in the United States at the end of 2022 was 78.86Mbps, or .7% of Wi-Fi 6’s theoretical maximum. Even across multiple devices, you’re unlikely to ever need to hit that limit.

Where Wi-Fi 6 really shines is in the number of devices that can connect to the network and maintain fast speeds. As more Wi-Fi devices make their way into homes and homes come bundled with more Wi-Fi devices, wireless routers need to keep up with the onslaught of connections headed their way.

Wi-Fi 6 enables routers to handle the ever-increasing number of devices with ease. Through features that more efficiently manage when and where data is transmitted, more devices can connect without slowdowns than with previous generations of Wi-Fi. Improvements to wireless security standards on Wi-Fi 6 means you can connect with confidence knowing that your information is safe.

What do I need?

Wi-Fi 6 starts with the right router. While Wi-Fi 6 is an amazing improvement to wireless connectivity on its own, picking the router that addresses your needs is essential to getting the most out of your connections. Router features can help you create an easier and more unified wireless experience with Wi-Fi 6.

IQ WiFi 6

The IQ WiFi 6 router utilizes Wi-Fi 6 like other routers on the market but offers additional features and benefits specific to the security industry to make your home or business safer than ever before. Remote router access, and IQ Panel integration, and a dedicated network for security devices means your Wi-Fi 6 network can provide the best wireless connection, no matter the device.

Get Connected with IQ Pro: Traditional, Addressable Loops & PowerG Wireless

IQ Pro connectivity works through traditional wiring schemes, addressable loops or PowerG.

The new IQ Pro is a game-changer for connectivity.

No matter if you’re using hardwired or wireless connections, IQ Pro helps you set-up and manage your system easier than ever. But what kind of connections are there, and how does IQ Pro fit in?

PowerG Wireless:

IQ Pro does wireless different than other hybrid panels. PowerG Wireless is embedded in the panel, so there’s no other purchases necessary before a system can utilize PowerG’s 1.24 miles of range and secure connectivity. If the IQ Pro is in an inconvenient spot where it can’t be used fully, users can purchase PowerG Hosts to centralize or extend PowerG’s wireless connections.
IQ Pro’s PowerG wireless capabilities are powerful and flexible, but sometimes an install necessitates hardwired connections. These connections come in two main forms: traditional schemas and addressable loop schemas.

Traditional Wiring Schemas:

Traditional wiring schemas require each device within a security system to have its own wiring connected back to the panel. This method of wiring is best utilized in smaller residential installs as running individual connections through a building to every single device can become quite laborious.
Even considering the higher amount of effort involved, this method is relatively cheap compared to other wiring options. Wires in traditional schemas don’t have to be run in a specific way and do not require the purchase of specialty devices or panels to function correctly. By using this schema, installers can cheaper devices to connect to the system without fear of compatibility issues or set-up headaches.

Addressable Loop Schemas:

Rather than running wires to every device individually, an addressable loop schema runs one wire through every device on the system. Rather than having its own connection to a panel, each device is assigned an address within the system to give it a way of individually relaying its status and other information to the panel.

Because this method is less labor-intensive than the traditional schema, addressable loops are commonly used in large-scale installations. Installs are made simpler as the entire system uses less material overall than a traditional schema of the same size. Additionally, if a building has intrusion infrastructure already in place, an installer can utilize the existing wiring to set their devices up on a new system. However, to function correctly, addressable loops require addressable panels and devices that can cost quite a bit more than traditional wiring hardware.

If an installer does end up in a situation where using wires is the best option, with IQ Pro, they’ll be able to complete the install regardless of the building’s schema. IQ Pro works with either traditional or addressable loop wiring schemas to painlessly get security systems up and running.Instead of antiquated menu-driven setup, IQ Pro’s installer app, available for Android and Apple devices, reduces install times even more by taking installers through clear step-by-step installation instructions and troubleshooting.
No matter your connection, IQ Pro is there to help you manage and secure your assets like never before.
IQ Pro DSC Powerseries Neo Qolsys IQ Panel 4

IQ Pro: Commercial hybrid intrusion just got upgraded.

Put the Rivalry to Rest

Rivalries are important to competition. Through fierce competition, two challengers push the boundaries of what is possible so they can come out on top. To win, they must innovate.

If you’ve been in this business for a while, you will know there has been a long-standing rivalry between hardwired and wireless systems. Like any good rivalry, each system has their pros and cons.

Hardwire systems (such as the DSC Neo) are time-tested and allow for zone expansions, more users, hardwire keypads, and everything else that makes up a reliable system. However, hardwired systems were designed more than 30 years ago and tend to show their age in such a rapidly growing industry.

Wireless systems like the IQ Panel 4, on the other hand, provide users with many more features at lower costs with easier programming and installation processes. But wireless systems are generally only used in residential installs and lack advanced features to work in more complex installations.

With IQ Pro, we’re putting an end to this rivalry.

DSC PowerSeries NEO & Qolsys IQ Panel 4 Combined

The IQ Pro is the first truly modern hybrid panel built for today’s consumer and dealer expectations. IQ Pro is built on the groundwork laid by hardwire favorite DSC NEO and our award-winning IQ Panels to give you the best of hardwired and wireless systems.

Merging IQ Panel with DSC Neo means you can take full advantage of the benefits of hardwire and wireless systems together in one package. The DSC Neo integration allows for residential hardwire and large commercial jobs, zone expansion, additional power supplies, PGMs, partitions, and more with the 21st-century IQ Platform.

IQ Pro is the only place where you can enjoy best-in-class encrypted wireless via PowerG technology, built-in Z-Wave 700, simultaneous dual-path, legacy support for wireless sensors, and so much more, no matter if you’re setting up for wireless and hardwired installs.

Of course, IQ Pro brings the same deep integration with from IQ Panel 4, Qolsys cloud software updates, third-party integrations, and most importantly, the easiest programming UI you have ever seen. If you can program an IQ Panel 4, you can program the IQ Pro, no installation manual needed.

This is only the beginning for IQ Pro. With a long roadmap of software updates and features in the pipeline, IQ Pro is ready to set the hardwire/wireless rivalry aside and revolutionize the industry again.

Want to learn more about the IQ Pro?

Click here for more information and downloads.

IQ WiFi 6 Removes Your Holiday Internet Headaches

Make your network the best for guests with IQ WiFi 6

A tech gift is only as strong as its weakest Wi-Fi connection. No matter how sweet of a deal you got on your parents’ new digital photo frame, if it can’t easily establish a solid connection to their router, the only thing you will have gotten them this holiday is frustrated.

IQ WiFi 6 provides a powerful solution to holiday internet connectivity problems. This time of year can be particularly draining on your network as new devices connect to your network and visitors come and go. With IQ WiFi 6, you and your guests will be able to enjoy stable gigabit speeds on tons of devices across huge mesh coverage without sacrificing connectivity to your smart home devices.

One of the biggest pains of having holiday visitors is getting them connected to the internet. By utilizing the guest network feature on IQ WiFi 6, your visitors can quickly and easily connect to their own dedicated network without the need to shout passwords across the already bustling house. The guest network is automatically created when you first set up IQ WiFi 6, so it will be ready for your visitors the moment they arrive.

Best of all, connection to the guest network is fast and easy. By simply scanning the code on your IQ Panel or through the app, guests can eschew entering a password in favor of instant connection to the internet.

These days, staying connected to family and friends means staying connected to the internet. With IQ WiFi 6, you can ensure that your video calls to distant family members are clear and stable no matter how many people are streaming dramatic holiday movies in your home. This year, let IQ WiFi 6 help you take control of your network.

IQ4 Hub: Your Warrior in Winter

Winter weather approacheth, and with it, the risk of flooding from frozen and burst pipes. Taking steps to prevent this disaster from happening may seem daunting and expensive, but thanks to IQ4 Hub, customers can keep their homes safe for a fraction of the cost.

IQ4 Hub is the most affordable all-in-one option for customers looking to up their home or business’ security and comfort. IQ4 Hub provides similar functionality to the IQ Panel 4 at a lower cost and offers a compelling choice for those wanting to secure their home or business for less.

Powered by an 8-core processor and sporting lightning-fast LTE and Wi-Fi Dual Path, IQ4 Hub unifies smart home devices on one beautiful 7” touchscreen to give customers ultimate control over their building’s wellbeing. IQ4 Hub can pair with devices such as the PowerG Temperature Detector, PowerG Flood Detector and IQ Water Valve to defend against flooding by monitoring freezing temperatures near piping, detecting leaks, and automatically shutting off a building’s main water before a puddle becomes a pool.

As part of the IQ family, IQ4 Hub also comes with many of the amazing features present in our other panels, like Bluetooth disarming and music streaming. Set-up is a breeze with the included SmartMount system, and the Install Wizard and on-screen diagnostics quickly guides installs with easy-to-understand instructions and in-panel fixes.

Customers looking to automate their homes can utilize the IQ4 Hub’s powerful Z-Wave 800 functionality to program their lights, locks, thermostats, or garage doors together in one panel.  Those with security cameras or video doorbells will be able to watch those video streams in real time and communicate through the panel with Live View, Live Answer.

Of course, IQ4 Hub comes in tons of different versions so you can pick the panel that suits your needs: PowerG, 319.5 MHz, 433 MHz, and 345 MHz.

IQ4 Hub presents a lower-cost alternative to other home security panels while offering a robust suite of features customers can use to defend their home against threats. With IQ4 Hub, your customers can buy peace of mind at a discounted price.

Double-check this to make sure the options are being used correctly.

Black IQ Panel 4: So Much More Than Color

When creating IQ Panel 4, our designers wanted to make something that not only automated and protected your home but looked great in it as well. IQ Panel 4 is the first panel we’ve made that comes in two colors: white and black.

Black is a timeless color. It’s unique in that, compared to other color options, it doesn’t move in and out of trendiness in the same way. predicted in early 2022 that black accents were going to soar in popularity. In fact, Google searches for black accents reached their highest peak in January 2022.

In 2020, Jessica Pierce, lead design consultant with David Weekley Homes wrote about this trend as well, stating, “We’re seeing a trend toward light, bright spaces with black accents to create contrast that’s very popular. Black plumbing fixtures, door and cabinet hardware, lighting and even tile, is helping to create this unique look.”

Of course, a room can easily be overwhelmed with black and become devoid of character and life, but light touches of black in contrast with brighter colors can pull a room together and make it feel “finished”., an interior design company, explained why this trend works, saying, “Rather like a painting which is transformed once mounted in a slim black frame, every room can benefit from the stabilizing effect of a delicate touch of black.”

Your customers will be looking at their IQ Panel 4 every single day. They will have to consider the design implications of the panel as well as its technical specifications. For customers looking to tie a room together and follow trends, a black IQ Panel 4 will be a strong choice.

The Power of Choice

In 2000, psychologist and “expert on choice” Sheena Iyengar, along with her collaborator Mark Lepper, published an interesting study on the influence of choice on consumers. In it, Iyengar and Lepper set up a jam-tasting booth in front of a grocery store and rotated between a selection of six and 24 jams to discover how variations in the number of choices affected consumers’ final decisions.

The pair found in general, although customers appreciate large numbers of options, fewer choices make consumers more likely to make a purchase – almost six times as likely in their jam study. Additionally, customer confidence went up when they received a recommendation on which choice they should make.

It might seem like the choice between a black or white IQ Panel 4 is a simple choice, but it is a choice your customers will have to make, nevertheless. You can help them make that choice with confidence with recommendations tailored to their concerns.

Blog: IQ Base Sound You Can Feel


When designing IQ Panel 4, we were intent on incorporating critical feedback into the panel. Many users and installers told us that the panel needed better, more powerful speakers. We responded to this feedback with the new QuadSound speaker system incorporated into the panel. But we wondered if we could take it further.


So we did.


The new IQ Base adds increased levels of depth to the IQ Panel 4’s powerful QuadSound speaker array. With its large, low-frequency speaker, IQ Base rounds out your panel’s sound with impressive bass to give your panel the richness of sound it deserves. No matter what you’re playing, you can be sure that you’re hearing it the way it should be heard.


In 2022, NPR reported on a 5-year survey about smart home devices and revealed that more than 1/3 of Americans own a smart speaker. In that same survey, they found that between 2017 and 2022, the number one reason users bought a new smart speaker was to listen to music.


Luckily, with IQ Base, your home security panel is that speaker. Thanks to IQ Panel 4’s Bluetooth connectivity, you can take advantage of IQ Base’s room-filling sound to stream audio from any app on your Bluetooth-enabled device. Jam out to your favorite songs while you’re cooking or wind down for the evening with a cozy audiobook. If you can stream it, IQ Base will make it sound pristine.


In addition to sounding great, the IQ Base makes your IQ Panel 4 look great as well. The sleek design expands your choices for your panel location, meaning you can keep your panel wherever you want without needing to reinstall the system on a wall. Install your IQ Panel 4 on a desk, side table, counter, or anywhere you want convenient access to your home security system and music.


But the IQ Base is more than just music. Every sound that comes out of your panel will have improved strength and dimension. That includes IQ Panel 4’s built-in features, like Live View, Live Answer for your video doorbells and cameras. Every voice and alarm – regardless of how high or low – will come through loud and clear.


IQ Base is an essential add-on to every IQ Panel 4 installation. Enjoy every sound’s mid, low, and high wherever you want in your home.

Blog: Keeping Water Where Water Belongs

It’s the nightmare scenario: your home’s pipes have burst, and the water is rising quickly. An unexpected freeze may have blown in, or some aging pipes finally gave way, or perhaps an errant, thirsty tree root found the ultimate watering hole. In any case, you’re stuck with the repair costs of flood damage.

The threat of flooding exists everywhere. According to, 30% of all flood insurance claims are filed in low- to moderate-risk areas, and just one inch of flood water can cause more than $25,000 in damages. Standard homeowner insurance policies don’t include flood damage in their terms, meaning those costs will be coming out of your pocket – unless you have a plan.

The IQ Water Valve can help you stop flooding as soon as it starts. The retrofit servo can operate 1/4 turn ball valves with pipes from 1/2” to 1 1/4”. When a flood is detected in your home, the valve will automatically turn your main water off to prevent any more water from escaping your plumbing.

As part of the Qolsys IQ platform, the IQ Water Valve utilizes powerful Z-Wave 700 to ensure reliability and maximum range to your IQ Panels. Like other IQ products, setting up is as easy as putting your panel in pairing mode and adding the device.

Most amazingly, the IQ Water Valve can be completely installed without the need for a plumber. Similar, more expensive products on the market today require an appointment with a plumber to install, and that visit alone can cost you an average of $330 (according to The IQ Water Valve is designed to keep your install simple, removing burdensome and expensive appointments to save you time and money.

In fact, the IQ Water Valve is so easy to install, our technical account manager’s 5-year-old son completed an install in less than one minute during a product workshop in 2021. In just a few turns of the screws, you (or your kids) can protect your home from future flooding catastrophes.

Protect your home, keep it dry, and give yourself peace of mind with IQ Water Valve.

A Connected Home Is A Safe Home

A Connected Home Is A Safe Home

A connected home is a safe home and a connected home requires smart devices installed in every place you can think of performing various actions, reporting data and giving you real time insights into what’s happening in your home.

Smart smoke detectors in every room report if a fire occurs whether the system is armed or not. Around the clock, it is watching, protecting, taking care of you making sure your home is safe from what could be the most disastrous and traumatic life safety event. There are occasions where you become more susceptible to a fire like forgetting to water your Christmas tree, it dries out, and leaving the lights on when you leave home. Fireplaces getting out of control, faulty wiring or others, standard smoke detectors do not protect you from these scenarios because all they do is make noise and if you believe your neighbors will come rushing to your aid when they hear it beeping in your house, try setting off your car alarm and see what happens. How many people come outside and check on the car and knock on the door to see if you are okay. Most likely, the answer is none. Don’t place the security of your home in the ultraistic nature and availability of your neighbors.

Similarly, protection against carbon monoxide poisoning is equally critical. Carbon monoxide detectors are required in 50% of the states in the United States and yet many homes still don’t have one. Carbon monoxide is the leading cause of accidental deaths in America. Having a monitored carbon monoxide detector not only allows you to be informed if and when this silent killer enters your home but sends help right away, even when you are asleep and everyone becomes unconscious. It’s a scary scenario and one that will hopefully never happen to you. But if you have a monitored carbon monoxide detector then you can avoid that disastrous problem.

Floods are another very common insurance claim and if you ask an insurance company, they will tell you that floods are the #1 source of challenges for a homeowner. Floods can be tremendously expensive with thousands and thousands of dollars of damage occurring for even just a few inches of water. Statistics show that every basement will have a flood at some point during it’s life. Installing a smart flood detectors under each of your sinks, near the water heater, near the water in your refrigerator and other water locations can certainly help, but without the help of a smart water shut off valve, they will only inform you and hopefully you would be in a position to turn around, drive home and address the situation before too much damage has taken place. A better scenario is to install a smart flood detector like this one and a smart water valve on your pipes to automatically shut off the water when a flood is detected. Prevent your leaks from becoming lakes with an automated smart system that ties the flood detectors installed throughout your home to the water shut off valve with no action required from you other than to come home and fix the leak at minimal cost.

Heat detectors and freeze detectors are equally important as HVAC units can fail, heaters can fail resulting in not only added expense but added danger to pets, elderly and the infirm. Imagine if you were able to get a notification that your heater had broken in the middle of winter and rather than waiting for your pipes to freeze and deal with the requisite flooding that might occur and instead take immediate action to fix the heater and make sure that your home stays the temperature you need it to, no dead pets, no dead grandma, no dead plants. Simply a warm house all through smart technology with the best encryption and long range reliability that PowerG has become known for.

These and other solutions, when combined together make a smarter safer home, protecting you and your loved ones from unnecessary hassle, life threatening scenarios and costly damage all with access from a single touchscreen like the IQ Panel 4 and the easy to use mobile app, powered by