Become a Pro with IQ Installer

Introducing the easiest commercial intrusion installation process ever

Using mobile applications to setup and manage devices has become a universal expectation for modern devices. The rise of smartphone apps as device management tools has created a culture of expert mobile users, fast connectivity and streamlined installation processes. Now, mobile management has made it to commercial security panels with IQ Installer and IQ Pro.

IQ Installer is a mobile application that makes installing your IQ Pro a slick and easy-to-follow process. Simple installations are quick installations, and IQ Installer’s installation wizard makes the process simpler than ever. With its easy step-by-step instructions and clear illustrations, IQ Installer makes installing IQ Pro and other devices fast and easy. Installers will know exactly what they need to do, when, and where on IQ Pro – all through a smartphone.

Setup isn’t the only thing easier with IQ Installer, though. With its mobile-optimized user interface, IQ Installer users can easily view their system information, program system devices, manage users, view their event history, run system tests, and so much more with quick response from the panel.

IQ Pro and IQ Installer revolutionize the commercial security space by empowering users to create powerful security systems through easier management tools. Thanks to IQ Installer, anyone can install and manage like a pro.

IQ Installer is available now on Apple and Android devices.

Install Reliability with IQ Pro

IQ Pro’s backup battery keeps systems running, even in adverse conditions

Dependability is one of the most important factors to consider when installing a new security system. Panels and devices can always function perfectly in controlled environments, but if difficult conditions mean a customer can’t reliably use their system, the installation is not doing its job.

IQ Pro is designed with reliability at its core to proactively prevent issues with the environment from becoming full-on disasters. With its installed rechargeable lead backup battery, the powerful wireless/wired hybrid panel keeps customers’ security systems up and running, even in the event of a power outage.

Instead of having to worry about a system’s power after an outage, the backup battery provides peace of mind to users. If power from IQ Pro’s external power adapter is disrupted, the backup battery can power the panel and any installed auxiliary power supplies. Customers can still access their systems and begin to make choices about how to move forward and further protect their assets.

The backup battery is just another way that IQ Pro provides customers with dependability for their security systems. Between the backup battery, easy maintenance, PowerG range and reliability, or the many options available for wired and wireless connections, IQ Pro helps customers keep their systems running at their peak performance, no matter the conditions.

IQ Pro: Connectivity for All

Easily install hardwire or wireless systems with IQ Pro

IQ Pro changes the game when it comes to connectivity thanks to its revolutionary hybrid system. By combining the wireless functionality of IQ Panel 4 and hardwire abilities of the DSC PowerSeries Neo, IQ Pro enables users to choose the way their devices communicate with the panel.

For wireless connections, IQ Pro comes with PowerG built into the panel to give customers the industry’s best range, reliability, and encryption on their devices. PowerG-enabled peripherals can be added effortlessly to the system and take advantage of range over one mile, frequency hopping, and 2-way communication for adaptive power management to lengthen device life and ensure each aspect of the system is running at its best performance. With optional SRF cards, legacy wireless devices can be seamlessly integrated into the panel as well.

Those who opt for a hardwired system are in luck, too, as IQ Pro’s shared DNA with DSC PowerSeries Neo allows installers to apply the hardwire schema of their choice depending on the best option for each project. IQ Pro’s internal boards will feel familiar to anyone who has installed a hardwired system using a DSC PowerSeries Neo, no matter if they’re installing a traditional or addressable loop schema.

However, revolutionary doesn’t just mean an industry-first hybrid panel; it means quality, industry-leading options and accessibility embedded into the panel for quick set-up and total system control. IQ Pro provides flexible connection choice for customers and installers, and the streamlined set-up and maintenance of a user’s devices won’t require installers to spend valuable time learning how to get the system functioning.

And the simplicity doesn’t end there. No matter the connection, setting up IQ Pro is easier than ever thanks to the new IQ Installer, available for Android and iOS devices. With its easy-to-use, step-by-step installation method, integrators can easily access IQ Pro on a mobile device via Wi-Fi to program the panel rather than having to complete installation on the panel itself. IQ Installer empowers technicians to freely move around their installs without being worried about dropping connections to the panel.

Every install is unique, and IQ Pro provides adaptable, accessible options to help customers make the right decision for their business every single time. With IQ Pro, anyone can be a pro.

Every Room, Every Building with IQ Pro

Secure your business everywhere with zones and partitions

Businesses typically aren’t run out of one easily monitored room where everything takes place.
Monitoring several areas or buildings for your business requires flexible options to organize and manage your company’s security systems.

With IQ Pro’s partitioning and zone options, users can coordinate their systems in one place and gather actionable data about important facets of their business. Zones and partitions help keep costs low by maintaining a single security system across many areas. Rather than requiring separate installs for different areas or buildings of a property, these options mean businesses can utilize one system for every space that needs to be secured.

What are partitions?
Partitions are areas of a security system that function separately from other areas. If a property has buildings or rooms set away from its main space, partitions help to secure those areas on one system. This is great for places like secured server rooms, pool houses, garages, inventory rooms, or any separate area that needs to be secure.

What are zones?
A zone is an area or areas that are monitored by at least one intrusion detection device. A zone can be as simple as a single glass break detector or as complex as a network of hundreds of sensors. Devices can be hardwired or wireless and can be set to trigger different reactions from the security system.

Using these tools effectively with IQ Pro gives users the ability to effectively manage their security systems in one area. Businesses can also gather more specific data about their users with detailed information about visitor traffic in each area.

To see the power of IQ Pro’s partitioning and zones in action, be sure to check out our video on the Michael P. Murphy SEAL Museum in Long Island, New York.

Intrusion panels have historically required users to research, purchase, and install specific cards onto the panel’s board to enable various communication options on the device. The process of narrowing down the best communication option for a business can easily get overwhelming.

Moving the Panel to Your Pocket

Installing IQ4 NS with IQ Installer Interface

IQ4 NS is a new, screen-free security panel offering a lower cost of entry into the IQ Platform. A perfect option for residential and multifamily installs, IQ4 NS boasts the same powerful security features of IQ Panel – like industry-leading range and reliability with PowerG – in a lower-cost package.

The IQ Panel provides simple, step-by-step installation instructions using the panel’s screen. IQ4 NS’s simplified, screenless design, however, requires a different approach to installation.

Enter the IQ Installer Interface

IQ Installer Interface is an interface that moves the familiar IQ Panel installation onto a mobile device’s screen. With IQ Installer, screenless IQ security panels – like the IQ4 NS or IQ Pro – can be set up on a phone using a process similar to the IQ Panel’s on-screen panel programming.

Those who have previously installed an IQ Panel will feel right at home when setting up IQ4 NS with IQ Installer Interface. IQ Installer Interface uses the same clean user interface and icons in the application as IQ Panel screens, meaning that things like the installation wizard and panel settings are easily navigable by new users and familiar to experienced installers.

IQ Installer Interface comes with improvements to the user experience as well, including a global search function which enables installers to quickly locate options, set up new devices, and save time digging through menus when trying to find one single setting.

IQ Installer unlocks the full potential of IQ4 NS by providing a way for installers to utilize the same streamlined setup process on their phone screen as they would on an IQ Panel.

IQ Installer Interface is available for download on the App Store or Google Play. To learn more about the IQ4 NS, visit the product page.

IQ Pro: Connections for Every Business

Built-In Communicator Simplifies Options

Intrusion panels have historically required users to research, purchase, and install specific cards onto the panel’s board to enable various communication options on the device. The process of narrowing down the best communication option for a business can easily get overwhelming.

With IQ Pro, gone are the days of figuring out what kind of extras to buy to ensure a panel’s communication is running. Thanks to its built-in integrations – a first for commercial intrusion panels — businesses protected with IQ Pro can utilize dual communicators to provide cellular, Wi-Fi, CAT5 ethernet, and PowerG connectivity right out of the box without the need to purchase additional expansion cards.

IQ Pro’s built-in communicators also keep security systems connected to with simultaneous dual-path communication. While other panels have dual communicators explicitly for failsafe purposes, IQ Pro constantly makes use of both options to ensure connections are functioning at peak performance – even during normal use.

Have a business with security devices already installed? IQ Pro is scalable to work with any size business with whatever devices they need or already have. Integrating legacy devices isn’t an issue thanks to IQ Pro’s optional Dual SRF compatibility. Each IQ Pro can be purchased with PowerG functionality plus an additional legacy frequency: 319.5 MHz, 433 MHz, or 345 MHz.

For fans of PowerG, IQ Pro also comes in a PowerG-only version so owners can take advantage of the dependable next-generation range and encryption of PowerG to keep their devices connected and online.

No matter the size of the business, IQ Pro makes everyone a pro with streamlined connectivity options and an easy-to-use, step-by-step installation app.

IQ Pro: Powered by for Business

Robust, cloud-managed platform provides full control of enterprise-level systems.

IQ Pro brings a ton of modern features for commercial operations to an industry-first hybrid panel. With so many available options packed into one panel, users need a simple way to quickly understand what is happening on and around their security systems. To make the most of your devices, things like automation, scalability, user management and analytics cannot be buried in menus or questionable UI elements. The feature-rich package of IQ Pro requires a robust and unified monitoring platform, which is why IQ Pro comes with for Business integration. for Business takes system information from IQ Pro and boils it down into one easy-to-use, cloud-managed platform. With the available desktop and mobile applications, the Enterprise Dashboard enables users to effortlessly change and maintain their systems in an intuitive, streamlined way.

Video, Access Control, Intrusion Detection and More

From access control to temperature monitoring, each facet of IQ Pro and its connected devices can be controlled from the desktop and mobile applications to empower quick decision making.

By combining powerful video features and access control into one place, IQ Pro users can manage their properties with confidence. The Enterprise Dashboard displays video from cameras with 24/7 video health monitoring to help users proactively secure important assets and gather analytics relating to visitors and customer flow. If unwanted visitors come onto the property after hours, real-time alerts and event search provide a way to know exactly what’s happening without the hassle of scrubbing through hours of unrelated video footage.

For visitors who should be there, for Business gives IQ Pro several options for streamlined access privilege to employees and customers. The Enterprise Dashboard enables flexible access automation and remote lock control from anywhere, and the simplified access panel allows users to quickly add or remove access credentials from cards or mobile authenticators.

While users can always change settings by themselves from the app, by setting schedules with IQ Pro and for Business, buildings can function when they need to and save energy when they don’t. Access control, energy and temperature monitoring can all be set to run at certain times with push notifications and let building managers know when things are running smoothly and when they aren’t for peace of mind all the time.

Know, Don’t Guess

IQ Pro’s integration with for Business means managers can spend their time and energy actively looking for solutions for their businesses rather than wasting time trying to find information. The system is designed to be as streamlined as possible while giving users detailed data on the things that will help them make the best decisions for their businesses.

Introducing the PowerG Wireless Heat Detector: Your Ultimate Heat Solution!

New wireless detector sets a new standard for fire prevention 

Fires can be devastating to property and endanger lives. In 2019, according to, structural fires in the United States alone caused $12.29 billion worth of damage. Importantly, that statistic is related only to direct fire damage and does not account for things like business interruption or other indirect losses.

Preventing a fire is less costly than putting one out. For any building’s fire prevention system, early detection is a critical first line of defense against a fire disaster. That’s why we are thrilled to announce our latest release: the PowerG Wireless Heat Detector (Part Number: PG9936H). This state-of-the-art device provides you with accurate and reliable early fire warning to ensuring the safety of your home or business.

The PowerG Wireless Heat Detector comes with several advanced features to deliver peace of mind to your home or business:

  1. Accurate Early Fire Warning: The PowerG Wireless Heat Detector is equipped with advanced temperature-sensing technology which enables it to detect high temperatures indicative of fire. When a significant rise in temperature is detected, audio and visual alerts immediately notify you of potential fire hazards.
  2. Enhanced Safety and Maintenance Facilitation: Your safety is our top priority, which is why the PowerG Wireless Heat Detector goes beyond fire detection. Features like alerts for device tampering and low battery ensure that remains in optimal working condition at all times.
  3. Long-Lasting Value: The PowerG Wireless Heat Detector provides long-term fire protection thanks to its energy-efficient design. This detector boasts an impressive 3-year battery life under typical use, reducing the hassle and cost of frequent battery replacements.
  4. Large Transmission Range: PowerG technology unlocks an extended transmission range for repeater-free installations. This means you can easily set up the PowerG Wireless Heat Detector in the most challenging environments without worrying about signal issues.
  5. Streamlined Installations: Installing the PowerG Wireless Heat Detector is smooth and efficient. The device comes with a visible link quality indicator so you can easily verify the signal strength during setup for optimal detector placement.
  6. Simple Mounts: Installing the PowerG Wireless Heat Detector is a breeze with its easy-to-use bracket for wall or ceiling mounting. Whether you’re a professional installer or a DIY enthusiast, you’ll find the setup process to be straightforward and intuitive.
  7. Back Tamper Protection: The PowerG Wireless Heat detector is safeguarded against tampering with its back tamper protection mechanism, and any unauthorized attempts to interfere with the detector will be detected and reported.
  8. Wide Compatibility: The PowerG Wireless Heat Detector is designed to integrate seamlessly with various systems. Compatible with IQ Panel 2+, IQ Panel 4, IQ4 Hub, IQ4 NS, IQ Pro and our PowerSeries panels, this detector can be easily added to your existing setup without any hassle.

With its early fire warning capabilities, tamper alerts, and long battery life, the PowerG Wireless Heat Detector ensures that you and your loved ones are always protected. Don’t wait for a fire disaster to strike – take proactive measures to ensure the safety of what matters most with the PowerG Wireless Heat Detector.

Johnson Controls launches new entry-level screen-free IQ4 NS Security and Smart Home System

The new IQ4 NS screen-free system provides the same quality and reliability

customers expect from the IQ Panel 4 platform, but at an entry level price.

ISC West attendees can stop by the Johnson Controls stand 18033 during the show March 29-31 to learn more about the new IQ4 NS system

MILWAUKEE – (March 27, 2023) – Johnson Controls, the global leader for smart, healthy and sustainable buildings, today announces the release of the new IQ4 NS (No Screen) Security and Smart Home System. The new screen-free system provides the same quality and reliability customers expect from the IQ Panel 4 platform, but at an entry level price. The IQ4 NS allows users to take advantage of the powerful and robust feature set directly from their smart devices for added convenience and cost savings.

Johnson Controls will showcase the IQ4 NS Security and Smart Home System as part of an entire suite of security solutions in stand 18033 at ISC West, March 29 to 31 at the Venetian Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“We designed this new system with robust security features, as well as with total cost of ownership and ease of use in mind.” – Mike Hackett, vice president, global sales & marketing, Johnson Controls

The new IQ4 NS Security and Smart Home System features PowerG range and reliability, giving users the flexibility to create a custom-tailored solution for customers. Connectivity with Z-Wave 800 Series enables powerful smart home and automation features.

The new system comes with built-in UL rated siren with 24-hour backup battery, built-in speaker for chimes, custom text to speech and language translation. The combined features make the IQ4 NS system ideal for many security applications like residential, builder, multi-family units, and small to mid-size buildings.

“We designed this new system with robust security features, as well as with total cost of ownership and ease of use in mind,” said Mike Hackett, vice president, global sales & marketing, Johnson Controls. “With features like the simple SmartMount system, powerful integration, and accessibility through the Johnson Controls IQ Installer Interface application, installation on a wall or table is meant to be easy and efficient.”

Attendees can stop by the Johnson Controls stand (18033) at ISC West to learn about the IQ4 NS system and other residential and commercial security solutions. For more information, visit Johnson Controls at ISC West or go to

Media Contact:
Karen Tognarelli
Director, Public Relations & Media
Direct: +1 571.214.7744


Read this press release on the Johnson Controls website here

About Johnson Controls:
At Johnson Controls (NYSE:JCI), we transform the environments where people live, work, learn and play. As the global leader in smart, healthy and sustainable buildings, our mission is to reimagine the performance of buildings to serve people, places and the planet.

Building on a proud history of nearly 140 years of innovation, we deliver the blueprint of the future for industries such as healthcare, schools, data centers, airports, stadiums, manufacturing and beyond through OpenBlue, our comprehensive digital offering.

Today, with a global team of 100,000 experts in more than 150 countries, Johnson Controls offers the world’s largest portfolio of building technology and software as well as service solutions from some of the most trusted names in the industry.

Visit for more information and follow @JohnsonControls on social platforms.

PowerG Comes to IQ Remote

Never worry about your secondary panel’s connection

The range, speed and stability of Wi-Fi connections can be finnicky. Setting up devices that rely on Wi-Fi connectivity inherently becomes a guessing game as users work out the Venn diagram between where they need their devices and how far the Wi-Fi connection will reach.

PowerG revolutionizes connection with unprecedented range and stability, and it’s available now in IQ Remote.

With IQ Remote’s new PowerG functionality, up to eight secondary panels can seamlessly pair with an IQ Panel 4, IQ4 Hub or powerful commercial-grade IQ Pro at greater ranges than Wi-Fi can provide to give users ultimate control over their security systems wherever they need it.

PowerG offers over one mile of secure, encrypted range so IQ Remote users can confidently place their panels and devices wherever they need to without worrying about a loss of connection, even if the Wi-Fi goes down. Through its industry-leading reliability, IQ Remote PowerG provides a powerful solution to potential Wi-Fi connectivity issues in commercial installs or homes with multiple entry points.


IQ Remote with PowerG includes the same great features as IQ Remote, boasting a high-definition 7” touchscreen, Wi-Fi connectivity, and over the air updates, all powered by Many PowerG-enabled security devices have already released, with more becoming available all the time, so IQ Remote PowerG customers can rest assured knowing their IQ Remote PowerG and future PowerG devices will be able to join their system without issue.