How would you like to know the moment your online order arrives at your house? Do you want to see who is knocking on your door during your Sunday nap and if its worth getting up? Want to catch Halloween door bell ditchers in the act?  Did you know most home invasions start with the intruder ringing the bell before they try the handle?  How would like a video clip of their face?

According to a study by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology 33% of home intruders enter a home through the front door and “most burglars try to determine if a house has an alarm system before attempting a home invasion.”

To help deter intruders from your home you need the ability to know who is at your door.  To make your door smarter you need:

The IQ Doorbell
The IQ Doorbell wires directly into your home’s existing doorbell chime unit. Elegantly simplistic, when someone rings your bell, you hear the doorbell sound in your home, on your IQ Panel and IQ2s, and can even get a text message.  If you have an outdoor camera, that text message can also include a video clip.

Your Smart Doorbell can trigger a video recording right to your mobile device


IQ Lightbulb

The IQ Lightbulb is a dimmable LED lightbulb with a Z-Wave radio that allows the light to communicate directly to the IQ Panel. It’s energy efficient (9 watts), bright (equivalent to 60 watts),  and it fits in any standard lightbulb socket. When placed in the front porch light, you can tell it to turn on atomically when someone rings your doorbell.  It can stay on indefinitely or can turn off automatically after a certain period of time, which you can customize.  You can also have this porch light turn itself on every day at a specific time, turning itself off again when you tell it to.

To learn more about the IQ Doorbell or IQ Lightbulb, check out videos on our YouTube page.

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