Home control has typically been a dream that only the social elite could achieve, but with affordable solutions and the smartphone technology already in our pockets, the Qolsys IQ Solution puts limitless possibilities within reach.

The IQ Panel
It starts with the IQ Panel, an innovative device that becomes the “brain” of your smart home.  Built on mobile OS, the IQ Panel will intelligently “talk” to all of your devices to monitor their health, report their status, and ensure that you are aware of anything and everything that occurs within the walls of your home. With a built in Wi-Fi radio, cellular radio, and Z wave radio, The IQ panel is perfectly poised to control all aspects of your home and the devices installed within.
The contacted home is all about the peripherals you install.  From a sensor that is placed on your door that monitors every time it is opened or closed to a Smart Socket inserted into your outlet that allows you to monitor energy usage and control the power of anything that is plugged into it, there are devices to control and monitor just about everything.  To see the full lineup of possibilities, click here.
With technology today we have persistent awareness of everything that is going on in our lives.  From social media posts to interactive applications on smartphones, we have the technology to show what we are doing, where we are doing it, and who we are doing it with.  Your home should be no different.  Your doors should let you know when they are open or closed, your home should tell you if it detects movement, and your cameras can show you exactly what is happening inside.   Qolsys IQ solution devices communicate directly with the IQ Panel to provide this information in real time, and deliver to you wherever you are using alarm.com’s innovative and easy-to-use smartphone app.
If you can see everything from your smartphone there’s no reason you can’t control it.  Arm your panel, adjust your thermostat, lock your doors, even turn lights on and off all from the sunny beach of California or the darkened corners of your office cubicle.  With Alarm.com’s innovative and powerful mobile application you literally have the power of your entire system in the palm of your hands.
With alarm.com’s connection to your IQ Panel, you can set up simple rules automate your entire home, and add alarm.com geo-services to turn them for you.   For example, set up a rule that says “when I am farther than 1 mile from my home, arm my system in AWAY mode, turn down my thermostat, turn off my lights and lock all my doors.” Add another rule to turn it all back on when you get home.
Alerts and Reminders 
If something happens, you’ll know.  Intelligent alerts send you important information telling you when your system was disarmed, users logged into the website, or if you forgot to arm the system by a certain time each day.  Messages like “System was disarmed by Cathy at 5:37pm” or “The system was not armed by 11:45pm” are delivered directly to your smartphone via text message, e-mail, or push notification.  Everything is customizable, and can be configured to alert multiple people as needed.
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