One of the beautiful things about having an IQ Panel with Alarm.com is the ability to know who is coming and going at any time. To make this possible, one needs a simple yet robust network of sensors and devices that track every day occurrences like doors opening and closing, bodies, moving, and the exact location of smartphones.  (Shameless plug: All of these devices are available as part of the IQ Solution.)

Since the tune of the holiday song “I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus” sends my children into mischievous giggles I have decided to protect myself against the unlikely eventuality that this bearded elf will steal my spouse’s heart by setting my Image Sensor to “Peek in Next Motion.”  This fantastic setting will tell the device to take photographs of the next person to enter its field of view, and with the five light emitters these pictures can be taken whether the moon is on the breast of the new fallen snow or the room is all tarnished with ashes and soot.  If my calculations are correct, the only people that should set this off are naughty children ignoring the dreams of sugarplums and sneaking a peek of their Christmas stockings, or, in a less likely scenario, old St. Nick himself.

Like all my cameras, the Image Sensor will send the photographs taken to my panel which will transmit a signal to my alarm.com account.  When what to my wondering eyes shall a appear but a miniature text message with a picture attached.  Santa, you’re not getting away this year!

Yes Virginia, this is an actual product, but only comes in white.
Sorry to all those readers who thought they could get the silly colors displayed here…


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