IQ WiFi 6 Removes Your Holiday Internet Headaches

Make your network the best for guests with IQ WiFi 6

A tech gift is only as strong as its weakest Wi-Fi connection. No matter how sweet of a deal you got on your parents’ new digital photo frame, if it can’t easily establish a solid connection to their router, the only thing you will have gotten them this holiday is frustrated.

IQ WiFi 6 provides a powerful solution to holiday internet connectivity problems. This time of year can be particularly draining on your network as new devices connect to your network and visitors come and go. With IQ WiFi 6, you and your guests will be able to enjoy stable gigabit speeds on tons of devices across huge mesh coverage without sacrificing connectivity to your smart home devices.

One of the biggest pains of having holiday visitors is getting them connected to the internet. By utilizing the guest network feature on IQ WiFi 6, your visitors can quickly and easily connect to their own dedicated network without the need to shout passwords across the already bustling house. The guest network is automatically created when you first set up IQ WiFi 6, so it will be ready for your visitors the moment they arrive.

Best of all, connection to the guest network is fast and easy. By simply scanning the code on your IQ Panel or through the app, guests can eschew entering a password in favor of instant connection to the internet.

These days, staying connected to family and friends means staying connected to the internet. With IQ WiFi 6, you can ensure that your video calls to distant family members are clear and stable no matter how many people are streaming dramatic holiday movies in your home. This year, let IQ WiFi 6 help you take control of your network.

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