Qolsys launched its fully operational dealer portal today, giving dealers and distributors access to one of the most robust marketing, training and support libraries available from a manufacturer.

“I came from the dealer world, and it was insanely frustrating to me that I had to create all my own assets for the products that someone else had made, says Qolsys Director of Marketing, Jeremy McLerran, architect of the portal and creator of most of the content. “I found myself doing photo shoots and video shoots in order to have basic elements to market a product.  When I joined the manufacturing side of the industry I was determined to give dealers everything I never had myself.  I’ve built icon sets, logo packs, sales collateral, even commercials and videos and uploaded all of them to the dealer portal, giving dealers the very best of what we have to offer.”

The portal also contains an extensive series of FAQs directed towards installation and dealer training, and a support ticketing system using the well-known platform Zendesk.

“Zendesk enables us to track support tickets as they come in,” says Director of Sales Operations Kevin Woodworth. “It gives immediate feedback to the dealer every time we make an update. It’s very transparent, exactly what the dealer needs and wants.”

New items added to the portal are noted with the words “NEW” or “UPDATED” for at least a month giving repeat visitors an easy way to see the content that has been added since their last visit.  Portal access is granted to any dealer or distributor who has made a purchase of Qolsys products, and can be requested by sending an email to portalaccess@qolsys.com

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