Blog: Smart apartments make life easy for tenants and property managers

The term “smarthome” has become main stream, with devices all over the internet claiming to make life safer, smarter, and more convenient.  As adoption increases even the smallest apartments are looking for ways to be smart, safe, and energy efficient, and there’s no better solution than the Qolsys IQ Panel.  The IQ Panel is a 7 inch easy to use touchscreen looks great on the wall and provide easy access to control all the connected devices within an apartment. These include lights, locks, thermostat, security sensors, life safety sensors, cameras and more.

The typical starter package for a small apartment is the IQ Panel installed on the wall, a smart door lock and encrypted security door contact on the front door, motion sensor in the main living area, smart thermostat on the wall, and flood sensors under each sink and near water heaters.  Optionally some apartments will also add the video doorbell, a way to answer the door without opening it (making answering safe and sanitary)

The IQ Panel’s encrypted security sensors and built-in glass break detector automatically protects against intrusion, and compatibility with Z wave devices like smart door locks and thermostats allow the apartment to automatically unlock the door when you get home (convenient and sanitary) and adjust the thermostat for optimal efficiency while you are away (saving you money on your energy bills).  Building managers no longer need to change out the locks before a new tenant moves in, as code based access control is built into every smart front door lock paired with the IQ Panel.  Additional codes can easily be granted from a mobile device, and you can even create schedules to limit their use to certain days and times, providing easy unattended showings and symbol revocation when a tenant moves out.   Flooding or water leaks that would normally do damage for several floors below can now be prevented with instant text messages to property managers and tenants eliciting an immediate response.

Smart apartments, made smarter by the Qolsys IQ Panel.

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