logoKen  Chutchian of Security System News wrote an article on video in the security space.  Quoting Qolsys SVP Mike Hackett in the article Ken writes:

When it comes to figuring out what tech-savvy customers want before the customer realizes it, Qolsys of Cupertino, CA., makers of the IQ panel, a newer player in the home security product manufacturing business, is a pioneer.

“The camera is ubiquitous in the consumer market,” says Mike Hackett, co-founder and SVP of Qolsys.

The company, which is less than four years old, says it is the first to install a camera into the home security control panel. “When we first brought our product to dealers, they said our customers won’t want a camera,” Hackett said. “We stuck to it. We were regarded as outsiders. We didn’t have the credibility [to do something different]. Now we’re considered outsiders, but now the term ‘outsider’ is positive. It means we have new ideas.”

Hackett speaks of product development with the end user—and cost—in mind. He says Qolsys puts a lot of time, energy and resources to make problem solving for the end user a process that can be accomplished at home, by a central monitoring station, or a mobile device, without truck rolls.

“Whatever you can do from the panel, you can do remotely,” Hackett said. “We’re all about reducing truck rolls, reducing costs and increasing revenue.”

Cost reduction for home security video systems is complying with the basic laws of Economics 101—supply, demand and competition in the free market.

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