IQ Panel update includes new user interface, expanded home automation support and dealer diagnostic tool kit, delivered over Qolsys upgrade cloud service 

(September 8, 2014, San Jose, CA) – Qolsys today announced a new update to the IQ Panel, the security industry’s first “All-in-One” 7-inch touchscreen. Groundbreaking software updates include Dual-Path Connectivity, an updated and sleeker user interface, expanded home automation support, and a robust dealer diagnostic toolkit enhancing remote service to the IQ Panel.

Dual-Path Connectivity enables communication over cellular and broadband WiFi channels allowing the IQ Panel to leverage Alarm.com’s industry leading interactive services platform, adding redundancy to support reliability across all connected home services while making the solution more flexible. “Our integration of Dual-Path connectivity sets a new standard for security and home control platforms,” says Qolsys CEO David Pulling.

“As broadband adoption becomes more pervasive there will be significant performance advantages available to Qolsys users, however, traditional broadband-only platforms are notorious for suffering outages and downtime compared to cellular which remains the most reliable method of communication.” continued Pulling. “Our new Dual-Path Connectivity gives the best of both worlds.”

The IQ Panel has also been updated with a cleaner user friendly look, consistent with the interactive experience powered by Alarm.com.  “Icons look familiar, colors are in sync, and the entire customer experience feels consistent across all platforms,” says Qolsys SVP of Sales and Marketing, Mike Hackett. “Consumers demand more from their technology. They want something that’s easily upgradeable and attractive… gone are the days of the rubber number pads.”

The Qolsys software update includes expanded smart home connectivity with support for more than 200 life safety, security and smart home devices.  The IQ Panel’s roster of supported Z-Wave devices includes Yale, Kwikset, and Schlage door locks, Trane, Radio Thermostat and Qolsys thermostats and Ecolink, Aeon Labs, and Jasco lighting modules.

The IQ Panel’s innovative self-check features now include a robust Z-Wave diagnostic toolkit enabling dealers to design, troubleshoot and maintain more reliable Z-Wave networks.  The Neighbors List App now displays the Z-Wave network topography in the home allowing end users, onsite installers, and remote technicians to determine how devices communicate with the IQ Panel, improving troubleshooting and creation of pathways. The Counters App tracks and reports Z-Wave commands over time, allowing users to determine whether additional devices may be required to make the mesh network more robust and reliable. These features are intuitive and easy to find on the panel and via remote access on Alarm.com’s AirFXTM portal.

With this latest update Qolsys continues to demonstrate its dedication to residential security and home control by providing the most reliable and innovative platform, resulting in increased conversion, end-user satisfaction, fewer truck rolls, improved customer support and decreased total cost of ownership.

The version 1.4.1 update is available today for order and to all existing panels in the field using the Qolsys IQ Cloud, an update service utilizing the built in WiFi connection of the IQ Panel.


About Qolsys

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in San Jose, California, Qolsys is dedicated to improving the quality of life through innovation and technology by introducing the next generation life safety, security and home control platform and reinventing the security and home control market. The IQ Panel, the first all-in-one 7” touchscreen platform built on a mobile operating system, has a built-in panel camera, six wireless radios with no external antennas, and groundbreaking software applications which automatically update as new features are developed.  Leveraging the powerful interactive services of Alarm.com, the IQ Panel brings levels of system integration and an intuitive user experience that are designed to set a new standard for the industry.  Mobile apps powered by Alarm.com are available for the Apple iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and make accessing and controlling your system remotely easy and intuitive.  The Qolsys IQ Panel:  All in one.  Always connected.  http://Qolsys.com

Contact: Ken Arnold, Director of Communications, Qolsys — ken.arnold@qolsys.com, 855-4-QOLSYS

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