Security Sales and Integration Reviews IQ Panel

Security Industry expert Robert D. Grossman recently performed a bench test on the Qolsys IQ Panel for Security Sales and Integration Magazine.

“It defies categorization” he said in his review.

“It can control pretty much any-thing that you would throw at such a system, including (but not limited to) locks, lights, thermostats and outlets. It has sensors for temperature, water, tilt (garage doors), video, smoke, carbon monoxide, glass-break and contact closure, among other things. It can be controlled from the panel, keypad, key fob, desk fob (duress alarm), a Web browser, your phone or tablet (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and a mobile-friendly Web site for other Web-enabled cellphones), or a pendant panic button (think “I’ve fallen but I can’t get up”). The list goes on and on, and if you’ve just skipped to the end of this paragraph because such lists bore you, I’ll add one more thing: it’s a digital picture frame as well, with both preloaded images and an SD card slot for adding your own.”

He went on to rave about the hardware itself: “Internally, we were pleasantly surprised at an extremely carefully thought-out lay-out. While we suspect that few people will have occasion to take the panel apart, internally this is a very mature product. Circuit boards are clean (no cuts, jumpers or added components) and ventilation was clearly a consideration. Screws that might be removed for servicing are threaded into brass inserts molded into the chassis; antennas are ingeniously arranged; plugs for removable connections are keyed for orientation, easy to reach and secure; and there are many test points on the circuit boards. This is a product designed to be repaired should the need arise, not disposable technology.”

We couldn’t agree more, but you should read the entire article to hear what else he says.  Read full article here

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