A Connected Home Is A Safe Home

A Connected Home Is A Safe Home

A connected home is a safe home and a connected home requires smart devices installed in every place you can think of performing various actions, reporting data and giving you real time insights into what’s happening in your home.

Smart smoke detectors in every room report if a fire occurs whether the system is armed or not. Around the clock, it is watching, protecting, taking care of you making sure your home is safe from what could be the most disastrous and traumatic life safety event. There are occasions where you become more susceptible to a fire like forgetting to water your Christmas tree, it dries out, and leaving the lights on when you leave home. Fireplaces getting out of control, faulty wiring or others, standard smoke detectors do not protect you from these scenarios because all they do is make noise and if you believe your neighbors will come rushing to your aid when they hear it beeping in your house, try setting off your car alarm and see what happens. How many people come outside and check on the car and knock on the door to see if you are okay. Most likely, the answer is none. Don’t place the security of your home in the ultraistic nature and availability of your neighbors.

Similarly, protection against carbon monoxide poisoning is equally critical. Carbon monoxide detectors are required in 50% of the states in the United States and yet many homes still don’t have one. Carbon monoxide is the leading cause of accidental deaths in America. Having a monitored carbon monoxide detector not only allows you to be informed if and when this silent killer enters your home but sends help right away, even when you are asleep and everyone becomes unconscious. It’s a scary scenario and one that will hopefully never happen to you. But if you have a monitored carbon monoxide detector then you can avoid that disastrous problem.

Floods are another very common insurance claim and if you ask an insurance company, they will tell you that floods are the #1 source of challenges for a homeowner. Floods can be tremendously expensive with thousands and thousands of dollars of damage occurring for even just a few inches of water. Statistics show that every basement will have a flood at some point during it’s life. Installing a smart flood detectors under each of your sinks, near the water heater, near the water in your refrigerator and other water locations can certainly help, but without the help of a smart water shut off valve, they will only inform you and hopefully you would be in a position to turn around, drive home and address the situation before too much damage has taken place. A better scenario is to install a smart flood detector like this one and a smart water valve on your pipes to automatically shut off the water when a flood is detected. Prevent your leaks from becoming lakes with an automated smart system that ties the flood detectors installed throughout your home to the water shut off valve with no action required from you other than to come home and fix the leak at minimal cost.

Heat detectors and freeze detectors are equally important as HVAC units can fail, heaters can fail resulting in not only added expense but added danger to pets, elderly and the infirm. Imagine if you were able to get a notification that your heater had broken in the middle of winter and rather than waiting for your pipes to freeze and deal with the requisite flooding that might occur and instead take immediate action to fix the heater and make sure that your home stays the temperature you need it to, no dead pets, no dead grandma, no dead plants. Simply a warm house all through smart technology with the best encryption and long range reliability that PowerG has become known for.

These and other solutions, when combined together make a smarter safer home, protecting you and your loved ones from unnecessary hassle, life threatening scenarios and costly damage all with access from a single touchscreen like the IQ Panel 4 and the easy to use mobile app, powered by Alarm.com.

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