Become a Pro with IQ Installer

Introducing the easiest commercial intrusion installation process ever

Using mobile applications to setup and manage devices has become a universal expectation for modern devices. The rise of smartphone apps as device management tools has created a culture of expert mobile users, fast connectivity and streamlined installation processes. Now, mobile management has made it to commercial security panels with IQ Installer and IQ Pro.

IQ Installer is a mobile application that makes installing your IQ Pro a slick and easy-to-follow process. Simple installations are quick installations, and IQ Installer’s installation wizard makes the process simpler than ever. With its easy step-by-step instructions and clear illustrations, IQ Installer makes installing IQ Pro and other devices fast and easy. Installers will know exactly what they need to do, when, and where on IQ Pro – all through a smartphone.

Setup isn’t the only thing easier with IQ Installer, though. With its mobile-optimized user interface, IQ Installer users can easily view their system information, program system devices, manage users, view their event history, run system tests, and so much more with quick response from the panel.

IQ Pro and IQ Installer revolutionize the commercial security space by empowering users to create powerful security systems through easier management tools. Thanks to IQ Installer, anyone can install and manage like a pro.

IQ Installer is available now on Apple and Android devices.