Install Reliability with IQ Pro

IQ Pro’s backup battery keeps systems running, even in adverse conditions

Dependability is one of the most important factors to consider when installing a new security system. Panels and devices can always function perfectly in controlled environments, but if difficult conditions mean a customer can’t reliably use their system, the installation is not doing its job.

IQ Pro is designed with reliability at its core to proactively prevent issues with the environment from becoming full-on disasters. With its installed rechargeable lead backup battery, the powerful wireless/wired hybrid panel keeps customers’ security systems up and running, even in the event of a power outage.

Instead of having to worry about a system’s power after an outage, the backup battery provides peace of mind to users. If power from IQ Pro’s external power adapter is disrupted, the backup battery can power the panel and any installed auxiliary power supplies. Customers can still access their systems and begin to make choices about how to move forward and further protect their assets.

The backup battery is just another way that IQ Pro provides customers with dependability for their security systems. Between the backup battery, easy maintenance, PowerG range and reliability, or the many options available for wired and wireless connections, IQ Pro helps customers keep their systems running at their peak performance, no matter the conditions.