Blog: The Nightly Shutdown

During the holiday season many of us decorate with strands of lights on a tree, around the house and even on the exterior. These decorations can help us bring excitement and joy to those around us, but even the most energy efficient lights still require energy we wouldn’t normally use during the rest of the year. As such, it’s not uncommon to see higher energy costs during the holiday months of November and December.
The price conscious employ a routine to minimize these extra costs when not needed: waiting to turn these lights on until dusk, and manually turning them off again before they retire for the evening. This routine often requires straining to reach a plug hidden behind a Christmas tree, or walking outside in the cold December air and unplugging lights from an exterior outlet. It’s a sacrifice dedicated to saving a few household dollars and comes with the additional reward of feeling like one is helping reduce one’s carbon footprint in some small way.

To make this easier, you might consider pairing Z-Wave light modules such as the IQ Smart Outlet (link to page) to the IQ Panel (link to page).  This enables a host of convenience-enhancing features such as:
-Light schedules. Have lights turn on and off automatically at the times you set, or choose “on at dusk and off at dawn.”
-Light control via IQ Panel. Control your holiday lights with the touch of an icon using the intuitive UI on the IQ Panel’s 7” screen. With custom names you won’t have to “figure out” which light is which, and you can name your devices “Christmas tree” or “Exterior Holiday Lights” or even “Fred’s holiday joy”
-App Control on the go. Control these lights from your mobile device using the app, from anywhere.
-Bluetooth Holiday Disarming. Pair your smartphone with the IQ Panel and create a rule that says “Activate lights when system is disarmed” and watch as your lights turn on magically as you arrive home. (What better way to tell your roommates or kids that the holiday magic follows you wherever you go!)
-Voice Control.  Stay in the comfort of your cocoa and blankets while using your favorite voice control service to activate or deactivate your holiday lighting. “Alexa, turn on the Christmas tree” or “Hey Siri, Run my Holiday Scene”
Lighting can be an exciting part of your holiday traditions, but you can reduce the cost and add convenience with these simple devices and behaviors. Whether you use one or all of these tips, please stay safe this holiday season!
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