IQ Pro: Connections for Every Business

Built-In Communicator Simplifies Options

Intrusion panels have historically required users to research, purchase, and install specific cards onto the panel’s board to enable various communication options on the device. The process of narrowing down the best communication option for a business can easily get overwhelming.

With IQ Pro, gone are the days of figuring out what kind of extras to buy to ensure a panel’s communication is running. Thanks to its built-in integrations – a first for commercial intrusion panels — businesses protected with IQ Pro can utilize dual communicators to provide cellular, Wi-Fi, CAT5 ethernet, and PowerG connectivity right out of the box without the need to purchase additional expansion cards.

IQ Pro’s built-in communicators also keep security systems connected to with simultaneous dual-path communication. While other panels have dual communicators explicitly for failsafe purposes, IQ Pro constantly makes use of both options to ensure connections are functioning at peak performance – even during normal use.

Have a business with security devices already installed? IQ Pro is scalable to work with any size business with whatever devices they need or already have. Integrating legacy devices isn’t an issue thanks to IQ Pro’s optional Dual SRF compatibility. Each IQ Pro can be purchased with PowerG functionality plus an additional legacy frequency: 319.5 MHz, 433 MHz, or 345 MHz.

For fans of PowerG, IQ Pro also comes in a PowerG-only version so owners can take advantage of the dependable next-generation range and encryption of PowerG to keep their devices connected and online.

No matter the size of the business, IQ Pro makes everyone a pro with streamlined connectivity options and an easy-to-use, step-by-step installation app.