Moving the Panel to Your Pocket

Installing IQ4 NS with IQ Installer Interface

IQ4 NS is a new, screen-free security panel offering a lower cost of entry into the IQ Platform. A perfect option for residential and multifamily installs, IQ4 NS boasts the same powerful security features of IQ Panel – like industry-leading range and reliability with PowerG – in a lower-cost package.

The IQ Panel provides simple, step-by-step installation instructions using the panel’s screen. IQ4 NS’s simplified, screenless design, however, requires a different approach to installation.

Enter the IQ Installer Interface

IQ Installer Interface is an interface that moves the familiar IQ Panel installation onto a mobile device’s screen. With IQ Installer, screenless IQ security panels – like the IQ4 NS or IQ Pro – can be set up on a phone using a process similar to the IQ Panel’s on-screen panel programming.

Those who have previously installed an IQ Panel will feel right at home when setting up IQ4 NS with IQ Installer Interface. IQ Installer Interface uses the same clean user interface and icons in the application as IQ Panel screens, meaning that things like the installation wizard and panel settings are easily navigable by new users and familiar to experienced installers.

IQ Installer Interface comes with improvements to the user experience as well, including a global search function which enables installers to quickly locate options, set up new devices, and save time digging through menus when trying to find one single setting.

IQ Installer unlocks the full potential of IQ4 NS by providing a way for installers to utilize the same streamlined setup process on their phone screen as they would on an IQ Panel.

IQ Installer Interface is available for download on the App Store or Google Play. To learn more about the IQ4 NS, visit the product page.