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The IQ Panel 2 is the flagship panel from Qolsys, a relatively new security company that has already made great strides in the industry. Qolsys sought out to create a modern and easy to navigate security panel that would appeal to every type of homeowner and business owner. In the end, they accomplished exactly that, as the IQ Panel 2 meets all of the requirements that a new buyer would look for in a security system. Overall, it is pleasing to the eye, offers a quick learning curve and presents a plethora of outstanding features and capabilities.

The first aspect that one would most likely notice about the IQ Panel 2 is its sleek, yet humble appearance. It is a simple design, being completely white and with most of the panel consisting of its impressive screen. Yet, this design is perfect for the IQ Panel 2. When not being operated, the system blends pleasantly into the background, in a manner that could almost be described as discreet. But if it is ever necessary for the user to quickly locate their panel, the crisp, white finish of the system will make it easy to pick it out of the scenery. Perhaps most amazing is the sheer thinness of the system. Its compact profile prevents it from taking up too much space on a desk or protruding an excessive amount from a wall. The slim system can also be easily and comfortably held in a user's hand and operated like a tablet if necessary.

Whenever the system is activated, the user will be treated to the panel's big, beautiful 7-inch LCD display screen. It's difficult to imagine a security system with a more appropriate touchscreen display. The home screen includes everything that is needed to operate the system and quickly receive relevant information. The large system disarmed button is easy to identify, and it makes arming the system in a hurry a breeze. The outer portion of the screen presents useful information that can be beneficial for anyone. The top quickly and neatly displays the day's weather, current time and any important system notifications and events. A small panic button in the bottom-right corner is always there if needed, but it is unlikely to ever be disturbed inadvertently.

Navigating the IQ Panel 2 is an absolute joy. The colors are bright, and menu icons and options can be recognized in a quick and efficient manner. Most of the time, a user will likely be sticking to the home screen, where a quick touch of the green system disarmed button will present options for arming away and arming stay. When disarming, the system can be set to snap a photo of the person operating the system. Although the picture usually ends up being not very flattering with the user's concentrated face hovering directly over the system, it is a great feature for security purposes. In the event that an intruder ever manages to disarm the system, a clear picture of them will be waiting right from the camera menu.

Accessing system settings and programming new sensors with the IQ Panel 2 can be accomplished in straightforward manner. The mobile operating system is fully responsive and lightning fast, making it great for controlling the panel. Once the user has a basic understanding of how to proceed through the menus, they will most likely find that the device is one of the user-friendly security panels they have ever operated. To get started setting up devices, simply press the small grey bar at the top, choose settings, then advanced settings, and enter in the four-digit installer code. From there, most major settings for the system can be easily accessed and changed if needed. Pressing installation, followed by devices, will allow the user to make changes to programming, whether it be RF security sensors, WIFI devices or Z-Wave home automation settings.

Speaking of Z-Wave, the IQ Panel 2 boasts a remarkable number of features, with no add-ons being needed. Any Z-Wave device can be added with ease, and users will surely enjoy a noticeably fast response time when operating these devices. The panel will also easily connect with 319.5 MHz Qolsys RF sensors, allowing the system to function with everything from glass breaks to motions. Qolsys also offers its "S-Line" of security sensors, which utilize top-of-the-line encryption to prevent hacking or spoofing. These sensors are some of the most secure and reliable devices in the security industry, and they can easily connect with the IQ Panel 2. Up to 128 security zones can be programmed with the IQ Panel 2, meaning that users will be very hard-pressed to ever experience a shortage of available zones on their system.

Every IQ Panel 2 system also comes included with a built-in cellular communicator to ensure reliable connectivity with both the end user and the central monitoring station. Users can choose between a Verizon and an AT&T communicator based upon which service works best in their area. Both the Verizon and the AT&T communicators offer LTE speeds for the rapid connectivity that one would expect out of a state-of-the-art security system. Of course, a WIFI card is also included, instantly allowing the system to take full advantage of a dual-path communication setup. By using WIFI and LTE cellular communications together, the IQ Panel 2 will almost certainly never lose connectivity to the network, and it will constantly and continuously maintain the exceptionally fast speeds that will ensure optimal functionality.

To extend access outside the panel, the IQ Panel 2 is designed to connect with the interactive service. This fantastic service is absolutely essential for getting the most out of the IQ Panel 2 system. By using, users can arm and disarm their panel, check the status of their sensors, control Z-Wave devices and view live feeds of any security cameras that they have set up. With the mobile app, it is possible to perform these actions from virtually anywhere in the world, providing users with incredible accessibility for their security systems. This makes the ultimate compliment for the IQ Panel 2, offering complete control both at the panel and away.

Overall, the IQ Panel 2 is a tremendous security system for anyone who wants a complete and convenient setup. The device will work great in any home or small business as a way of ensuring full protection and functionality. New users will have a quick and easy experience in navigating the system and setting up all of their security devices. If aesthetics are a concern, the IQ Panel 2 is second-to-none with its slim, sleek design, neutral coloring and appealing display screen. Qolsys also offers an excellent lineup security sensors, and their S-Line encryption can provide users with complete peace of mind. Finally, the IQ Panel 2 comes loaded with everything needed to get started with a top-quality security setup, including a cellular communicator and instant WIFI connectivity. All of this makes the Qolsys IQ Panel one of the finest security systems on the market today. It is highly recommended for anyone who wants a modern, easy to use security panel with all of the bells and whistles that they would expect out of a system today.

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