Blog: Prevent Leaks from Becoming Lakes

The flood detector (link to product page) is a smart way to protect your apartment, home, or business from leaks.
Water leaks can occur a number of ways, in a number of locations. Here’s just a few:
1- Water heater breaks
2- Freezing temperatures cause the water in your pipes to expand, which causes a pipe or fitting to break
3- A roof leaks during a rain or snow storm
4- a refrigerator with water filter or ice maker malfunctions
5- Pipes under a sink break
6- An adjoining neighbor has a leak that comes through your walls or ceiling

A flood can be VERY expensive.  Just one inch of water could cost $25,000!  Use the calculator on to see what it might cost in your home or business.
There’s many ways to prevent flooding, but one thing is certain: the more water the more damage occurs. The longer that water stays, the more damage occurs. If you DO have a flood, you want to get it cleaned up as quickly as possible to prevent it from soaking into your walls, flooring, and more. A flood cleaned up within a few minutes can simply be “dried out” which is a lot less expensive than a flood that sat there for hours, soaking into the carpet, drywall, and frame of the structure, requiring replacement of all of these items.
To prevent floods, ensure you properly maintain your pipes and appliances in your home and encourage neighbors to do so as well.
To be notified if water is present you can place I smart flood sensor anywhere you think might run the risk of a flood. Including but not limited to:
-under the sink
-near your hot water heater
-near your refrigerator
-in the basement
-at “low points” in your home We are water would begin collecting first
To avoid false alarms, avoid placing flood sensors in places where water is expected like bathtubs or toilets.
For the ultimate in leak and flood prevention pair your flood sensors with a Z-Wave water shut off valve and create a rule that says “when water detected, shut off water to the entire building” this stops leaks from becoming leaks and enables you to address the situation with a small amount of water, resolve it, and then turn the water back on remotely with your mobile device, or from the 7 inch touchscreen of the IQ Panel.
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