You Need a Hero

In today’s web based world the best marketers and sales people understand that showcasing products is a sure way to attract potential customers.  Take a look at any major website and you will most likely see a “hero shot“ of a product or service being used. These visuals help the brand or service or product line stand out.
If you are an apartment complex trying to attract new tenants, imagine a beautiful shot of the IQ Panel installed on the wall of one of your well decorated units at the top of your web page.
If you are a builder, imagine the front page of your sales brochure depicting one of your finest model homes with an IQ panel on a table stand.  Perhaps the caption reads “the latest smarthome technology included in every home we build”
If you are a sales person imagine doing a demo on Facebook live Of the video doorbell ringing and then being answered on the IQ Panel 7 inch touchscreen.
No matter what kind of marketing you are doing, putting technology products front and center will get you more eyeballs.