Press Release: Qolsys Announces Support for Johnson Control’s PowerG Sensor Line

Updated IQ Panel 2 first to support legacy installed base of 319 MHz, 345 MHz, and 433 MHz sensors alongside next generation PowerG long range two-way encrypted sensor portfolio.

Qolsys, the leading security and Smarthome technology provider announced today support for the line of PowerG sensors to its flagship product, the IQ Panel 2.  The All-In-One 7” Touchscreen already includes best in class hardware and software integration with a built in 5MP camera, LTE, Wi-Fi AC, Bluetooth Touchless Disarming, Live View, and more.  The updated IQ Panel 2 will also support multiple legacy technologies including 345 MHz, typically used by Honeywell™ and 2Gig™, and 433 MHz used in DSC™ wireless systems, in addition to the Qolsys S-Line encrypted 319.5 MHz line. 

“We’re taking range off the table” said Qolsys SVP Sales and Marketing Mike Hackett, “Never needing a repeater, never going back to fix a non-reporting sensor, is powerful.  Now add proprietary takeover proof military grade 2-way encryption and it changes the way dealers approach every install and measure their business.”

The updated IQ Panel 2 bridges the past with the future with an elegant Dual SRF solution, there are 30-40 million residences in America with active or inactive legacy security systems, these are un-encrypted, limited range, one-way communication devices that worked well prior to the convergence of Cyber Security, IoT and Home Security.  Today’s consumer is more informed and expects their security system to be secure and reliable.  The IQ Panel 2 will allow the security dealers to support legacy sensors while enabling dual installation of the most powerful, reliable and long range next generation wireless sensor line. 

“This best in class integration is a result of our close relationship with Johnson Controls, Inc.” said Hackett.  “PowerG has a robust wireless sensor line that has been protecting large format installs such as schools, retail establishments and businesses of all sizes.  We’re excited to bring the entire PowerG product line to the residential space through the Qolsys IQ Panel 2.” 

PowerG technology was originally developed by Visonic, an Israeli-based company now owned by JCI.  It uses powerful transmitters to deliver signals from sensor to panel over long distances, more than tripling the range of legacy signaling technology.  PowerG uses 2-way wireless frequency hopping encryption that modulates multiple times per second to protect the wireless signals against jamming while not interfering with mainstream 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Zigbee devices.  PowerG sensors adjust signal strength based on sensor proximity to the IQ Panel, extending battery life and improving performance, and include a proven line of security and life safety devices trusted in enterprise, commercial, and large residential installations across the globe. 

“Dealers no longer need to purchase a separate translator,” say Hackett.  “the IQ Panel2 elegantly delivers complete backward compatibility, including support for legacy life safety devices such as smoke and carbon detectors reducing creation costs, programming time in the home and downstream support.”

Qolsys will be showcasing this innovated Dual SRF solution in it’s new location on the show floor at ISC West 2018 in las Vegas, NV, booth 23009, April 11-13. 

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