Every Room, Every Building with IQ Pro

Secure your business everywhere with zones and partitions

Businesses typically aren’t run out of one easily monitored room where everything takes place.
Monitoring several areas or buildings for your business requires flexible options to organize and manage your company’s security systems.

With IQ Pro’s partitioning and zone options, users can coordinate their systems in one place and gather actionable data about important facets of their business. Zones and partitions help keep costs low by maintaining a single security system across many areas. Rather than requiring separate installs for different areas or buildings of a property, these options mean businesses can utilize one system for every space that needs to be secured.

What are partitions?
Partitions are areas of a security system that function separately from other areas. If a property has buildings or rooms set away from its main space, partitions help to secure those areas on one system. This is great for places like secured server rooms, pool houses, garages, inventory rooms, or any separate area that needs to be secure.

What are zones?
A zone is an area or areas that are monitored by at least one intrusion detection device. A zone can be as simple as a single glass break detector or as complex as a network of hundreds of sensors. Devices can be hardwired or wireless and can be set to trigger different reactions from the security system.

Using these tools effectively with IQ Pro gives users the ability to effectively manage their security systems in one area. Businesses can also gather more specific data about their users with detailed information about visitor traffic in each area.

To see the power of IQ Pro’s partitioning and zones in action, be sure to check out our video on the Michael P. Murphy SEAL Museum in Long Island, New York.

Intrusion panels have historically required users to research, purchase, and install specific cards onto the panel’s board to enable various communication options on the device. The process of narrowing down the best communication option for a business can easily get overwhelming.