Blog: Saving Construction Power for Builders

Constructing a new house requires power, and subcontractors are rarely concerned about managing it effectively. Once lights are installed it’s common to see them left on for hours if not days. HVAC contractors install heating and air-conditioning ducts, units, and thermostats and then leave them running.  The heater is off and cranked up to dry the mud and tape placed over the seams of the drywall, but rarely turned back down again. All of these add up two increase the construction power paid for by the builder.
Using IQ panel in the early stages of your finish work can significantly reduce The energy Used with our “vacant home used with our “vacant home” feature. Before an interactive account has been activated, The IQ panel can automatically turn off smart lights, adjusting thermostat to Energy conservative levels, and even make the home more secure by locking the front door. Even a single home can use a lot of energy when all the lights are on and the heater or air conditioner is “blasting“ for days on end, and for builders constructing large numbers of homes, the savings add up quick.
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