Blog: You have a leak… What’s next?

You were smart and added flood/leak detectors all throughout your house. Do you have one under the kitchen sink, each of the bathroom sinks, near your water heater, and even one behind the fridge.
Then comes the dreaded notification on your phone: leak detected, kitchen sink. Questions race through your mind: now what? How bad is it? Why did that happen? has it ruined anything irreplaceable?  Is my insurance going to cover it?  As these questions raced through your mind inevitably you come down to one very important question: what’s next?
You could begin by racing home (if you’re not there already) and checking on things. Maybe you already know how to turn the water off on your sink, maybe you’re calling a plumber as you drive.  What you WANT to do is stop the water from flowing, but how?  Enter IQ water valve. Installs in just minutes over your Water main, no plumber required. Pairs wirelessly with the IQ panel using Z wave plus 700 series, the fastest and best Z wave connectivity yet.  Now, when One of your water sensors detects a leak, that shuts off the water to the entire house.  The only water that gets on the floor: only what was left in the pipes, and that’s easy to clean up.
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