IQ Pro: Connectivity for All

Easily install hardwire or wireless systems with IQ Pro

IQ Pro changes the game when it comes to connectivity thanks to its revolutionary hybrid system. By combining the wireless functionality of IQ Panel 4 and hardwire abilities of the DSC PowerSeries Neo, IQ Pro enables users to choose the way their devices communicate with the panel.

For wireless connections, IQ Pro comes with PowerG built into the panel to give customers the industry’s best range, reliability, and encryption on their devices. PowerG-enabled peripherals can be added effortlessly to the system and take advantage of range over one mile, frequency hopping, and 2-way communication for adaptive power management to lengthen device life and ensure each aspect of the system is running at its best performance. With optional SRF cards, legacy wireless devices can be seamlessly integrated into the panel as well.

Those who opt for a hardwired system are in luck, too, as IQ Pro’s shared DNA with DSC PowerSeries Neo allows installers to apply the hardwire schema of their choice depending on the best option for each project. IQ Pro’s internal boards will feel familiar to anyone who has installed a hardwired system using a DSC PowerSeries Neo, no matter if they’re installing a traditional or addressable loop schema.

However, revolutionary doesn’t just mean an industry-first hybrid panel; it means quality, industry-leading options and accessibility embedded into the panel for quick set-up and total system control. IQ Pro provides flexible connection choice for customers and installers, and the streamlined set-up and maintenance of a user’s devices won’t require installers to spend valuable time learning how to get the system functioning.

And the simplicity doesn’t end there. No matter the connection, setting up IQ Pro is easier than ever thanks to the new IQ Installer, available for Android and iOS devices. With its easy-to-use, step-by-step installation method, integrators can easily access IQ Pro on a mobile device via Wi-Fi to program the panel rather than having to complete installation on the panel itself. IQ Installer empowers technicians to freely move around their installs without being worried about dropping connections to the panel.

Every install is unique, and IQ Pro provides adaptable, accessible options to help customers make the right decision for their business every single time. With IQ Pro, anyone can be a pro.